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Jenni Bears was founded on the thought that everyone needs comfort at some point, and we all need a little happiness, especially with all that going on in our world today. Our giftable products are intended to lift the spirit in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone's face. Our artisan gifts are chosen for their potential to help people nurture goodness in the lives of others, celebrate family and friends, and encourage self-care.

DEMDACO is an artist driven brand, which means that we partner with creative, passionate people who express themselves through a wide range of styles and mediums. Check out the Angels by Kelly Rae Roberts, or the Our Roots are Strong wall art by Sharon Nowlan. Just a few of the artists who drive this beautiful brand.


Jenni Bears is committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of confidential information that is used when you order on our website.


When you sign up on our website, please be assured that your information (email) will not be passed on to anyone else or used in any way other than to send you updates and coupons about Jenni Bears. This information is only collected by you actually subscribing to our site.



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