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We believe every product creates a conversation. Jenni Bears hopes to participate in meaningful moments of people's lives. We don't create these moments, we aspire to make them a little better. We want our teddy bears and other inspirational products to be

there in times of joy, comfort, and love.



Jenni Bears was created after our daughter Jenni passed away from a rare brain tumor. Her entire 40 years of life she loved her teddy bears and kept them by her side to console her and be her best friends. She collected many bears over the years, and we have donated many of them to Toys For Tots, the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital, Battered Women's Shelters just to name a few. Many of our friends children have received bears from Jenni's Collection and they all call them

Jenni Bears!

We want to be able to help children or adults going through tough times or joyful times with

products that support and give joy. Please don't hesitate to call us if you don't find what you are looking for and I am sure we can help! A portion of every sale will be donated to the

American Brain Tumor Association and other charities that support and help

those dealing with life-threatening diseases.

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