The Hope and Healing Angel is a beautiful hand-sculpted resin angel that is adorned with striking metal wings for a lovely appearance. This uplifting piece is detailed with delicate carved patterns and encouraging sentiments that read: "May you believe in the healing power of hope, faith & courage your journey matters." Its simple design and minimalist aesthetic make this angel perfect for coordinating with all different types of home decor. A part of the Kelly Rae Roberts Collection, this piece celebrates the beauty and strength found within each one of us, providing encouragement and a gentle reminder that you are loved. It will make for a wonderful uplifting gift for any loved one, neighbor or friend.

Hope and Healing Angel by Kelly Rae Roberts

SKU: 1002720507
  • Size: 2.5" W x 7"H

    Materials: Resin, metal

    Sentiment: May you believe in the healing power of hope, faith & courage. Your journey matters

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