The Brave Soul Heart Sculpture is a beautiful heart-shaped sculpture that features a striking paper mache finish and a handmade feel. This unique piece is designed with a minimalist mindset, making it ideal for coordinating with all different types of home decor. Sentiments across the sculpture read: "Survivor, Brave. Strong. Beautiful soul." This sculpture will make for a lovely addition to any home, resting atop any surface for a heartfelt reminder to stay brave in all things. A part of the Kelly Rae Roberts Collection, this piece celebrates the beauty and strength found within each one of us, providing encouragement and a gentle reminder that you are loved.

Brave Soul Heart Sculpture

SKU: 1002720511
  • Size: 4"W x 5"H

    Materials: Paper pulp, plaster, paper

    Sentiment: Survivor, Brave. Strong. Beautiful soul.