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A Bear That Gives Back - The Giving Bear

When I was looking for a teddy bear that Jenni would have loved, I came upon the Giving Bear from Demdaco and knew I had found the perfect bear with the perfect story behind it.

The Giving Bear is a special friend. This precious fellow comes with an endless supply of hugs, the perfect gift of comfort and love. More than just any stuffed animal, the Giving Bear is designed to be given to someone, young or young at heart, who needs comforting. The friendly companion sits 12 inches tall and is lightly stuffed to form his floppy body. Soft touchable fabrics lend soothing comfort and love. His contrasting corduroy ear shows he is a good listener. His message is: "Sometimes you can feel so small in a great big world. Sometimes you might feel like a giant who can climb a beanstalk! However you are feeling, I want you to know how important YOU are. Whenever you need a little comfort, a little safe, a little brave, just whisper in my ear and hold me tight. I'll be here for you."

The Giving Bear will be featured in television ads this October and is available now from

He is the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season. Some of the proceeds from the Giving Bear will be donated to Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City and other hospitals benefitting children.

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